Damages follow accidents.
Same here...
and the damage was an issue.
Are these stuffs to be called 'GAAN' (songs)???

He said
কে কি ভাবে না ভাবে ভাবিনা 
 আমি ভাবি গান, গান গাই

He never cares about what his compositions are named.
He joined his dreams.
He had to say something and couldn't resist expressing his angst,
love or whatever touched him - - -

pleasure or pain;
dreams or trip.

His album never carried the phrase (বাংলা গান).

He never sang… He communicated;
he triggered...
and here comes the record
of the damages, a little know how
of his basic albums.

Not much but Well!!
he says,
"get lost vegetables tongues are not green"
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